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Intro: The Best 25 GMs in Baseball History

Originally posted on In Pursuit of Pennants :
Over the next several weeks we will be counting down the top 25 general managers in baseball history—as we see them anyway.  Because of the disparity in resources and opportunities available among the various front offices over the years, and the evolving nature of the job itself, evaluating general…

  • We never had any rules for commenting before because, up until a week ago, I could count all the comments on this site with one hand. As the site has grown, the time has come for some very basic rules. Tonight, we received a comment that I was on the fence as to whether I should approve it or not. Since there were no rules listed on this site and, despite the fact that it may have been interpreted as abusive, I approved it anyway. It was borderline abusive, but he did have an opinion in there too. I'd rather err on the side of letting people express themselves as opposed to censoring them. Now that there are rules etched in stone, if I see comment with a similar tone in the future, I probably would not approve it. Click here for the rules for commenting.

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